Specialized Financial Services

Nationwide Precious Metals Advisory Services & Mortgage and Loan Acceleration Plans, Plus Local Income Tax Accounting   

Specialized Financial Services

Nationwide Precious Metals Advisory Services & Mortgage and Loan Acceleration Plans, Plus Local Income Tax Accounting   

 WHAT ARE YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS? Government programs such as Social Security alone will NOT provide adequate financial security. You must achieve it thru YOUR OWN EFFORTS. That will require careful planning and dedicated persistence. We've provided both of them and more since 1962.


Will You Be Able To Retire In Comfort?

  • It's NEVER too EARLY to plan your retirement, but it CAN be too LATE! Social Security alone will NOT provide enough for your needs. We've helped our clients plan ahead since 1962


Get Out Of Debt & Increase Your Wealth!

Pay off your mortgage and other large loans early, then put the money you SAVE toward your own retirement plans! Let us show you how effective and affordable this strategy really is. Give us a call, and let's talk about it.      

Precious Metals Advisory Services




The picture shows a person putting coins in a glass jar. It takes TIME for money to GROW!  We need to start saving for RETIREMENT and other important things as EARLY as we can. Do today what you NEED to do, so that tomorrow you can do what others CANNOT do.

Most "systematic savings"are thru our pension plans at work, such as a 401(k) plan, etc. or perhaps you have a set amount paid monthly into a SEP Plan or an IRA Plan. Or, you may invest in the stock market. mutual funds, or in real estate. Here's another GREAT option.   


We provide Precious Metals Services thru MONEY METALS EXCHANGE nationwide, providing QUALITY gold and silver coins and bullion at the BEST prices available! They're structured more for INVESTORS than for COLLECTORS. There are many valuable items available.

One of the things we like most about them is their transparency. Their prices are very fair and are clearly shown on the website, along with guaranteed "BUY-BACK" prices. We've never found a more RELIABLE or more HONEST organization!  

Remember that with EVERY investment today, there will be an "element of risk" involved. Precious Metals has a MUCH LOWER risk factor than many investments, like mutual funds, the stock and bond markets in general, and certain real estate. Most investments tend to "run in cycles." So do Precious Metals, but they're NOT as volatile.         

Regardless of what you invest in, always remember the excellent advice given by Warren Buffett  when he said "DON'T EVER LOSE WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE!"  Mr. Buffett has a net worth of over 90 billion dollars, so he knows a LOT about investing!  


If you've considered investing in gold and/or silver, now's a good time to look into it. You can start with as little as $100 a month, but most SERIOUS investors should save from $1,000 to $3,000 a month (or MORE) to build wealth and fight inflation.

The LONGER you wait to begin and the LESS you save every month NOW, the less you'll have LATER when you'll NEED IT MOST! In fact, you should consider making a lump-sum deposit of $3,000 (or MORE) to "jump-start" your savings. Give us a call. 

How serious are you about YOUR financial future?  

GOLD and SILVER are honestly two of the BEST INVESTMENTS available ANYWHERE today! There are a number of different "markets" to invest in. There's the stock market, the bond market, the commodities market, the real estate market, and more. They ALL have some advantages and a few disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage is POTENTIAL RISK! With Precious Metals, like gold and silver, there's minimum risk and maximum growth potential! And with us, you always have a "built-in" source for selling your investment(s) at fair prices that YOU'LL KNOW IN ADVANCE! What could be SAFER or EASIER

And, if you don't want to SELL your precious metals, but could still "use some money," you can simply BORROW against some or all of your holdings! If you're interested in this important option, ask us for details. There are some restrictions.

Many Accountants and Financial Advisors suggest that 10% to 15% or MORE of your TOTAL investments  should  be in Precious Metals, NOT just in "paper I.O.U's!"  You need to invest in the REAL THING, which is GOLD and/or SILVER coins or bullion

If you listen to and follow the advice of many stock brokers and mutual funds salespeople, they may suggest shares of stock or mutual funds based on owning MINING STOCKS. They're NOT the "SAME THING" as owning  Precious Metals outright! 

A major advantage to investing in precious metals is historically as the stock and bond markets and most real estate decline in value, (as many of them are doing), precious metals values have INCREASED considerably. You can follow them on the "COMEX ticker" on the MME website below. It's updated every few minutes, 24 hours a day. 

Along with simplicity and ease, you don't have to WORK as hard or WORRY as much! If you invest in real estate, for example, there's a great deal of WORK involved and TIME to manage. What are BOTH of them worth to YOU?         


We think once you browse the Money Metals Exchange (MME) website, and take the time to "INVESTIGATE before you INVEST," you'll be VERY impressed. The company is experienced and very professional. They don't use any phony tactics like "bait-and-switch" or try to use any high-pressure stuff on you, either.

A WORD OF WARNING! As you know, there are a lot of people around who prey on others by offering so-called "rare coins" or other items for sale on the internet, etc., and most of it is nothing but OVER-PRICED JUNK!  Don't fall for this stuff! Call MME TOLL-FREE weekdays from 9:00 to 5:00 MST for assistance.                            

There's a wealth of important information available to give you all the help you need. If you want to include precious metals in a self-directed IRA account, we can help you. Or, simply open a personal account and invest WHAT you want, WHEN you want!

Take a few minutes and browse their website. Just click on the GREEN BUTTON below.   

Ask Yourself These Important Questions

How About Your Taxes and Retirement Plans? How could major economic changes effect BOTH of them?


With the new tax law changes beginning with the 2018 returns, your tax returns may require some very careful revisions! If you are self-employed, or if you're a real estate investor, we can help you SAVE hundreds or even THOUSANDS of tax dollars!   

Do you have investments in the stock market or in mutual funds? Are you worried about the continued performance of the markets? You should give a lot of very serious thought to moving part of this money to Precious Metals for SAFETY and FUTURE SECURITY!  

What's going on with many major banks, the Federal Reserve, and some turmoil on Wall Street Today?


Several well-known economists  predict there will be a long over-due "correction" in the markets very soon. Some of them predict a severe recession or even a major depression in 2021-2022, depending in part on the outcome of the upcoming elections.  

Right now, the stock market seems to be doing fairly well, but can it last? Personally, I don't think so. In addition,  a number of major banks and the Federal Reserve are under investigation for FRAUD and "PRICE-FIXING"... including their activities in Precious Metals.        


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Increase Your WEALTH & Decrease Your DEBTS


Retirement time should be harvest time!

Are you buying a home or commercial property? Do you have any large loans lasting over ten years? There's an exceptional program available nationwide, no matter where you live or how old you are, or how your health is. It's NOT a mortgage or new loan. It's simply a better way to EFFECTIVELY pay an existing mortgage or large loan MUCH QUICKER!

Most of us have two very important financial goals, which are to own our home "free and clear," and to retire in comfort. Will your mortgage be paid off BEFORE you retire? Do you have a 30 year fixed-rate mortgage loan? After making payments for 10 YEARS, only about 15% of the principal will be  paid. At age 62, 80% of us will STILL be making payments! Most loans are for a first mortgage, but at age 55, 20% of us will also have a second mortgage with 15 years of payments left!

If you make regular monthly payments for 30 years, you'll pay from 2 to 3 times what the home cost. Do the math. Multiply the payment times 360 months. It's no wonder that many people think "Can I really AFFORD to retire when I want to on LESS income, and still make all of my payments?" Or "Should I postpone my retirement, and keep working until I CAN?"  

It's difficult to retire in comfort while making mortgage or loan payments. Retirement funding and accelerating mortgages go "hand-in-hand." You should work on both at the same time. If you wait on either of them, neither goal may be achieved. Accelerating loans is a VERY smart solution, but only 3% to 5% are paid that way. Why waste good money on mortgage interest?  

If you're concerned about how to pay off your home mortgage, a commercial mortgage, or large loans quickly and systematically, here's a very IMPORTANT solution. We've worked with an exceptional firm for over 10 years called The Biweekly Mortgage Association or BWMA.   They offer a VERY EFFECTIVE biweekly plan that does NOT require refinancing.  It's also approved and being used in ALL fifty states.

 It's a SIMPLE and PROVEN method of making automatic payments every two weeks. You gain one full payment each year (or more ), you save both time and interest and you do NOT change lenders. They also provide FREE lifetime annual mortgage audits, to make sure that your lender applies all payments CORRECTLY, in full, and on time!   

We suggest that you click on the GREEN BUTTON below and watch one of our three videos to get a better idea of how the Preferred Biweekly Program works. Then, give us a call and we'll take a few minutes to gather some important information regarding your mortgage(s) and/or large loans. We'll work together with BWMA to help you get started on the road to FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

When the site comes up, go to the center of the page (just under the Apple) and click on "Biweekly Programs." That will bring up the BWMA website. Then, click on Main Menu, and then on "How It Works." There's a LOT of helpful information there. ANY of the three videos will explain the biweekly program, but it isn't necessary to watch ALL of them.   You should watch the SECOND video carefully. It's also called "How It Works."    

The BWMA website also mentions that you should "explore the rebates, because your enrollment can be FREE," which is true. Here's how it works: If YOU enroll in the program and YOU live in the Casper, Wyoming area and refer others to us who also enroll in the program, (regardless of where THEY LIVE), we'll pay you $50 for each family who enrolls. So, if you refer ten new clients who enroll with us, your program can be FREE

Call us with any questions you have.   

Here's A Little About Us.

I was a residential Mortgage Broker in Caper for 28 years. I quit just ahead of the real estate loan "meltdown" in 2008, which cost many American companies and taxpayers many billions of dollars needlessly. The problems were quite apparent to anyone with even half an ounce of common sense, but apparently not to our "leaders" in Washington, nor to many in Wall Street or to greedy executives in the lending industry. 

Before I decided to discontinue offering mortgage loans, I could "see the handwriting  on the wall." Many people were being granted loans to buy homes they really could not afford, and had no real chance of continuing these obligations long-term. Buying a home or other real estate is SERIOUS BUSINESS, and NOT to be taken lightly!

 Yet, our government decided that it "just wasn't fair that ANYONE be turned down for a mortgage," regardless of their qualifications (or lack of them). That's when they came up with so-called "Stated Income and Stated Asset" loans. What that means is that we asked a potential loan applicant "How much do you earn?" and "How much cash do you have on hand for closing costs, etc.?" They would give us some numbers, and we put the information on the application. The problem is, only about 2% of this information WAS EVER VERIFIED! 

People were being "coached" by the government to defraud the lenders by not being honest and truthful in getting  loans! We were told (off the record) that "we could not discriminate against anyone." But this nonsense DISCRIMINATED AGAINST THE TAXPAYERS! 

That's when I had had enough. I quit a few months ahead of the biggest real estate loan "meltdown" in U.S. history. That is, THE BIGGEST SO FAR! Today, many of these same mistakes are being repeated, although on a smaller scale and most go unreported. But this time, THINGS WILL BE MUCH WORSE!


Will there be a recesion soon? In my honest opinion, it is inevitable! After that, will it become a full-blown depression? That's entirely possible! Many so-called financial "experts" are predicting BOTH OF THEM. My suggestion is that you TAKE THINGS SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW, and BE PREPARED!

I'm not a "doomsday person," but I AM a "realist." And, many things happening today worldwide are REAL! There have been too many things going wrong with our monetary policies and our financial system for me to just "sit on the sidelines!" 

That's why I became a Precious Metals Advisor thru an exceptional company in Idaho called Money Metals Exchange.  I honestly believe that Gold and Silver are two of the BEST investments available today!  

I also sold life insurance, annuities and small business pension plans from 1962 until March of 2017, when I decided to downsize our small business considerably. Today, we concentrate on providing precious metals services and mortgage and loan acceleration programs nationwide, as well as Tax Accounting services locally. We maintain an office in our home at 1022 Cardiff Street here in Casper. I work by appointment ONLY

I plan to continue these services for at least the next few years, with help from a good friend and an excellent Tax Accountant, Ron Clark. I hope you'll continue to use these services, and especially work with Ron. He'll do an excellent job for you!

Give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks for your trust and confidence! 

Gary Wells