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Will You Be Able To Retire In Comfort?

It's never TOO EARLY to plan for retirement, but it can be TOO LATE! Social Security alone will NOT provide enough for your needs. We've helped our clients plan ahead since 1962.  


Get Out Of Debt & Increase Your Wealth!

Pay off your mortgage and other large loans early, then put the money you SAVE toward your own retirement plans! Let us show you just how effective and affordable this strategy really is.       

Precious Metals Advisory Services


It's never TOO EARLY to plan for your retirement ..... but, it can be TOO LATE!


The picture shows a person putting a few coins in a glass jar. It takes TIME for money to GROW!  We need to start SAVING for RETIREMENT...and other IMPORTANT things...as EARLY as we possibly can. We have been in the financial services profession since 1962. Why not TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR EXPERIENCE?

We provide Precious Metals Services thru MONEY METALS EXCHANGE nationwide. They are NOT a "coin shop." They provide QUALITY gold and silver coins and bullion at the BEST PRICES AVAILABLE! They also work with novice and experienced investors. We've NEVER found a more reliable and honest organization!            

If you have considered investing in gold and/or silver, now's a good time to look into it. If you like, you can invest ss little as $100 a month in a special program!  But, we suggest that most SERIOUS investors save at least $600 or $700 a month or MORE to build wealth and value. There's NO obligation and NO pressure.  

We think once you browse the Money Metals Exchange website, and take the time to "INVESTIGATE before you INVEST," you'll be VERY IMPRESSED! The company is very professional, and experienced in every way. Call them TOLL-FREE weekdays for assistance. They will give you some good IDEAS, and they will LISTEN!                                

There's a wealth of important information available to give you the help and the guidance you need. If you want to include precious metals in a self-directed IRA account, we can help you. Or, simply open a personal account and invest WHAT you want, WHEN you want!. Why not take a few minutes to browse the website

Just click on the green button below.   


Ask Yourself These Important Questions

Why Waste Money On Mortgage Interest?


Over 80% of all home mortgages in America today are 30-year fixed-rate loans. They do two things: They keep the payments lower for the buyer than many other types of loans, but they generate much more interest for lenders than most loans. How can you AVOID this problem?

In several ways. You could refinance to a 15-year loan and pay HIGH closing costs. Or, enroll in the Preferred Biweekly Payment Plan and NOT refinance, NOT pay the expense, and KEEP your present lender! You can pay for 15 YEARS and SAVE up to 60% of the interest!   

Are Pension Funds SAFE In Wall Street Today?


Economist Harry Dent predicts that there WILL BE a long over-due "correction" in the markets VERY SOON. Economist and author, Porter Stansberry, refers to these very troubling coming events in his new book "The American Jubilee." Are YOU prepared if they're RIGHT

Our national economy isn't as good as the economic conditions are in Wyoming. We can be very thankful for that. Still, we need to do all we can to keep EXPENSES and DEBTS under control during "good times" so that we have a MARGIN OF SAFETY during "bad times!" 

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Increase Your WEALTH & Decrease Your DEBTS

If Building Wealth Is Your Goal, We'll Help Achieve It.

Over 80% of Americans today are not certain that their retirement funds will be adequate.  Some people have a 401(k) or other pension plan at work, but many don't start their plans early enough, or they under-fund them. Or, perhaps they change employers and take their funds out for whatever reason. It takes TIME for money to GROW, and the end result is they may have to postpone their retirement or settle for a lower standard of living during it. Neither of these choices is easy to live with! When you invest in Precious Metals thru us, you will take physical possession of the metals you purchase! With us, you don't just get a "piece of paper" that can become worthless if they can't pay you!   

Are Mortgages And Other Loans Your Largest Debts?

Over 80% of all mortgages in America today are 30-year fixed-rate loans. If you have one of them, we can help you pay off your mortgage in less than half the time (under 15 years), WITHOUT refinancing or changing lenders. You can save thousands of dollars in interest by using a Biweekly Mortgage Program nationwide. And, if you're interested in offering the program to others as a part-time or a full-time business opportunity, we would like to talk to you about it. Anyone with a mortgage or other large loan can be a prospect for you. Your earnings are virtually unlimited! We can help you INCREASE your INCOME and DECREASE your INCOME TAX. Give us a call, and LET'S TALK!      

Here's A Very Important Business Opportunity

Do you sell Real Estate or Insurance or are you a Mortgage Broker anywhere in the country? If so, we have a GREAT business opportunity to tell you about. Read the information under the heading "Mortgage Acceleration & Opportunities." There are thousands of homes and commercial buildings in EVERY CITY in America with mortgages on them, and many buyers are paying TOO MUCH interest on at least 90% of the loans! If you have a client base and want to expand it, here's an excellent opportunity to consider. There are NO production quotas and you can contract others to build a very profitable override on their business! Call for details.              

Mortgage Acceleration and Opportunities

Retirement time should be harvest time!

SAVE thousands of dollars and years on your mortgage WITHOUT refinancing!

Most of us have two very important financial goals: own our home free-and-clear, and retire in comfort. Will your mortgage be paid off BEFORE you retire? Do you have a 30 year fixed-rate mortgage loan? After making payments for 10 YEARS, only about 15% of the principal will be  paid. At age 62, 80% of us will STILL be making payments! Most loans are for a first mortgage, but at age 55, 20% of us will also have a second mortgage with 15  years of payments.

If you make regular monthly payments for 30 years, you'll pay from 2 to 3 times what the home cost. Do the math. Multiply the payment times 360 months. It's no wonder that so many people today think "Can I really AFFORD to retire when I want to on LESS income, and still make my payments?" Or "Should I just postpone my retirement, and keep working until I CAN?"  

It's difficult to retire in comfort while making mortgage or loan payments. Retirement funding and accelerating mortgages go "hand-in-hand." You should work on both at the same time. If you wait on either of them, neither goal may be achieved. Accelerating loans is a VERY smart solution, but only 3% to 5% of them are paid that way.  So, 95% to 97% of us pay too much interest!  

It would make more sense to pay loans off sooner and put the money you SAVE in your retirement plans. We offer a VERY effective biweekly plan that does NOT require refinancing. It's a SIMPLE and PROVEN method of making automatic payments every two weeks. You gain one full payment each year (or more ), you save both time and interest and you do NOT change lenders. 


We have three VERY informative short videos to explain how biweekly programs work. Click on the GREEN LINK here  www.BWMA.com.  When the site comes up, go to the center of the page (under the Apple) and click on "Biweekly Programs." That will bring up the BWMA website. Then, click on Main Menu and then on "How It Works." 

There's a LOT of helpful information there. ANY of the three videos will explain the biweekly program, but it isn't really necessary to watch ALL of them. We suggest you watch the SECOND video carefully. It's also called "How It Works." Call with any questions you have. We'll provide a FREE illustration of your mortgage, or other loan(s).   

How many years until you RETIRE? You can shorten payment times to match your goals. When you enroll, we'll also include FREE lifetime annual mortgage audits to help make certain lenders are applying ALL payments correctly (and on time) every month. If you live in the Casper, WY area, click on the GREEN TAB below. We'll help you begin.

ONE MORE IMPORTANT POINT....If you already have a client base of your own in your business and want to expand, we have a GREAT opportunity available NATIONWIDE that we'd like to tell you about. You can offer the new Preferred Biweekly Savings Plan to others and your earnings are virtually unlimited!  Give me a call, and LET'S TALK !

Let's talk about YOUR future! Just click on the GREEN BUTTON.               

Have any questions? Click To Contact Us.

Enrolling In The Preferred Biweekly Program

We suggest you plan to pay off your home and other large loans 5 to 10 years BEFORE retirement. Why? To give you time to put an amount equal to or greater than your monthly mortgage payment into your retirement savings for even more financial security. How many years are there from today until the day you plan to retire? Do the math. If you wait too long to begin, YOU WON'T MAKE IT! BWMA says "Do what others don't do, so you can do what others can't!" 


As effective and as important as these programs are, how could they be BETTER? Simply if they could be done at NO COST to you, right? The Biweekly Mortgage Association (or BWMA) who underwrites the programs, has been in business since 1984. We've worked with them for over ten years. In order to see as many SERIOUS Wyoming home buyers and real estate investors as we can, WE'LL PAY YOU $50 for everyone who lives in Wyoming that you refer to us who enrolls in a program. Refer us to ten people who enroll with us, and your's is FREE!  

And, that's in ADDITION to the benefits shown on the BWMA website, such as free gift cards, etc. 

If you live in the Casper, WY area, call the numbers shown under the GREEN TAB (above), and we'll arrange to help you. If you live anywhere else in America, you can enroll on the internet directly thru our website. When your enrollment forms are received by BWMA, they will be carefully reviewed to make certain that they have been done correctly. The Customer Service Department at BWMA provides exceptional service. And, you'll become OUR CLIENT FOR LIFE!   


If you sell REAL ESTATE or if you're an INSURANCE AGENT or a MORTGAGE BROKER anywhere in the country, we need to talk about an exceptional opportunity. It gives you a chance to work with and to build better rapport with your clients who are buying real estate, or who have large loans of almost any kind, such as a motor home, a large boat, or even an airplane. These loans can be paid off many years sooner, saving thousands of dollars n interest!

It's NOT necessary to refinance a mortgage or other loan, either. And, you don't have to change lenders. The program is NOT a new loan, but simply a new way of making regular automatic monthly payments on an existing loan. It's underwritten by the Biweekly Mortgage Association, or BWMA. They've been in business since 1984, and we've worked with them for over ten years. They provide the programs in all 50 states. They are both effective and affordable.       

There are NO production requirements, and the business is ALWAYS IN DEMAND! If you have read all of the information above, you probably already already have a good idea of how it works. And, IT WORKS VERY WELL! It's an excellent prospecting tool and a good business builder, as well. It gives you one more good opportunity to contact your present clients and to ask for more referrals from them. Give us a call. We'll tell you more about the opportunity!        

Thanks for your trust and confidence!   

Gary Wells 

Let's talk about your personal financial security!