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Welcome to our website. Will your home be paid for BEFORE you retire? In spite of our good intentions, at age 62 over 80% of us will STILL be making mortgage payments! Will YOU be in that group? Unless you start early, and are really SERIOUS about owning your home "free-and-clear," YOU WON'T MAKE IT! I'm a Real Estate Loan Advisor in the Casper, Wyoming area. We specialize in effective Mortgage Acceleration programs. I'm also a Tax Accountant, a Precious Metals Advisor and a Retirement Planner. There's a lot of very important information on our site. It does take a little reading, but it can ALSO save you a lot of MONEY!

Tax laws are changing, and understanding and utilizing these changes are very important!  We've been in our profession since 1962. Over the years, we've built a loyal following of clients who appreciate our sincere interest in them and their financial future.  We've helped with their small business and personal tax accounting, and with their retirement planning. Put the new 2018 tax law changes to work for you, and put most of the money you save toward your own retirement! Give us a call, and let's develop an effective and affordable financial strategy. What are YOUR financial goals?

Will You Be Able To Retire In Comfort?

Pay off your mortgage and other large loans early, then put the money you save into your own retirement plan! Let us show YOU just how EFFECTIVE it can be!

Retirement Planning Requires Experience!

We've provided our clients with current information & professional service since 1962. How can we help YOU achieve financial freedom? Call us today and LET'S TALK!    

GOD and FAMILY ... Where LIFE begins and LOVE never ends

Proverbs 13:11 says this...

"Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow."

We'll repeat the following statement several times in our website to make a very IMPORTANT point: "It takes TIME for money to GROW." The picture shows a person putting a few coins in a glass jar. Later in the website, you'll see the same jar again, with a leaf growing out of the top. That's how it WORKS with MONEY! What plans have YOU made for a comfortable retirement? We don't know how long we'll LIVE, or what it will COST, but we know we need to plan ahead. 

In the Old Testament, in Leviticus 25:8 and beyond, you'll find a detailed account of what the Jewish people called "Jubilee." Read it for yourself. Several well-known economists believe (and predict) that our own country will SOON go thru an "American Jubilee" starting with a severe stock market "correction." But this time, it will be a serious economic and political period unlike anything we've seen in over 50 years. If they're right, are YOU and your loved ones prepared

Proverbs 3:5 and 6 says...

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." 

Take time to study God's word, and use it daily to benefit others.

It takes TIME for money to GROW!

Get in the habit of saving AT LEAST 10% of every paycheck toward your future financial security. When you START early enough, and if you earn good growth on it, the old man or woman you'll be someday will look back in time and say "THANK YOU!"  

We specialize in Financial Security!

With a background in accounting & taxation, and extensive experience in financial services, we can offer many advantages. Especially in today's very challenging economy, many people often need help in achieving financial success! What will YOUR future hold?  

We use Effective Proven Methods!

There are hundreds of books about "How To Get Rich Quickly."  The ONLY people who make money on them are authors and publishers. We use the Trusted Advisor method. YOU know what you want to do. And WE understand GOAL ACHIEVEMENT.  

Tax Law Planning and Economic Changes

Let's Take A Minute To Review Some History

In 2008, America went thru a serious financial crisis that involved the stock market, the bond markets, and also our real estate markets nationwide.  It's important to remember that people lost millions of dollars in the process.  

If we could "run 2008 thru a photocopier" and change the year to 2018, it would be very hard to tell the difference!  Then, thousands of homes faced foreclosure, and investors were very worried that they would suffer financial losses they couldn't afford. Banks and mortgage lenders simply were NOT PREPARED for all of this

Fast-forward to today, and we have the same situation unfolding ... only WORSE!  In 2017 and so far this year, over 36% of all cash-out refinance loans that have been done were NOT done for the same purposes the borrowers said they wanted the money for.  

Many borrowers told the banks and the mortgage lenders they "wanted the funds for repairs and remodeling," etc. But in many cases, they used most of it to pay credit card debts, make car payments, even to make the payments on the very mortgages they had just taken out

In other words, most of them were simply gaining access to their home equity in order to continue to spend EVEN MORE MONEY!  You could even compare this process to using an ATM Machine at a bank.  People wanted "cash on demand," no matter what the cost or the consequences.  We don't always learn from our mistakes.  

Not only did all this happen in 2008, but it is already happening again in 2018! As you might suspect, most banks and other home and many commercial lenders are once again NOT prepared for what is coming.  ARE YOU?

If you have money in the stock market or in mutual funds, or even risky real estate investments, etc., you should carefully consider moving some of it to Precious Metals, while there is still time to do it!  Give us a call and let's talk about it. You may be glad you did!

The point is, when planning for your retirement, you need to remember the mistakes of the past, and not repeat them, while doing everything you can to make your money grow safely. It pays to start early and to be consistent in setting aside as much as you can on a regular, systematic basis.

Remember that funding your retirement and accelerating your home and other large loans go "hand-in-hand" and you need to work on both of them at the same time. Give us a call and let's talk about it. There's absolutely NO obligation. 

Right Now, The Stock Market Looks Pretty Good

But, how long can it LAST?  Economist Harry Dent predicts that there will be a long over-due "correction" in the markets very soon. And, economist and author, Porter Stansberry, refers to the coming events in his book "The American Jubilee."

When you review our history, you'll find there are some major similarities to the events that preceded the stock market "crash" and the Great Depression of 1929.  A few older Americans today were alive then and may remember the losses and the hardships that were rampant. You've  heard it said that "HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF."    

Again, fast-forward to 2018, and we have many of the same problems about to become burdens and even "financial traps" for those who are not prepared for them.  Ask yourself this: "Am I managing my money WISELY, and am I keeping my money as SAFE as I can?"

Many of us procrastinate far too much when it comes to our own financial management. That's a very SERIOUS MISTAKE!  We also often tend to act on impulse, rather than seek advice from  a  firm that "specializes" in financial services. Another costly mistake.

It isn't necessary to spend a ton of money or time doing it, either.  But, what is important is working with the right person or firm who has the experience and the skills to do the job right.  If you have any questions about what to do, we welcome those questions.  Give us a call and let's talk about YOUR Financial Security

 It's true that history repeats itself, but it does NOT have to be a bad experience! If you live in Wyoming, you know about our "boom-and-bust" economy. It's always been that way, and it's not likely to change, so you MUST PLAN FOR IT.

Those who DO can take advantage of many "bargains" in such things as real estate, etc. and build a good "nest egg" for themselves. Those who DON'T will be very lucky if they have a "nest" at all. It's just that simple. Let's talk about it. It's very important

Our national economy is not as good as the economic conditions are in Wyoming. We can be very thankful for that! Still, we need to do all we can to keep our spending and our debts under control during the "good times" so that we have a margin of safety during the "bad times."    

The following sections of our website explain more about Real Estate Investing and Mortgage Loan Acceleration, as well as how to invest in Precious Metals. We provide them to help you achieve greater financial security. That's our goal! 

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Increase Your WEALTH & Decrease Your DEBTS

Why should you consider investing in precious metals?

Over 80% of Americans today are not certain that their retirement funds will be adequate.  Some people have a 401(k) or other pension plan at work, but many don't start their plans early enough, or they under-fund them. Or, perhaps they change employers and take their funds out for whatever reason. It takes TIME for money to GROW, and the end result is they may have to postpone their retirement or settle for a lower standard of living during it. Neither of these choices is easy to live with! In addition,  precious metals are a proven SAFE INVESTMENT and an excellent hedge against future inflation  With us, you actually get what you purchase, not just a piece of paper. 

Let's talk about Tax Accounting and Retirement Planning

If you have a 401(k) or other pension plan at work that will allow withdrawals or transfers to another qualified plan, you can transfer funds to a self-directed IRA account which we can help you set up.  It's NOT an expensive process. The IRS has approved them, and they've been used successfully for years. Accountants, attorneys and financial planners often recommend them. You can use Precious Metals, certain real estate, and more in these accounts.to help grow your money safely. There are a number of very important tax strategies available that you need to know about and consider, as well. We'll keep you informed and provide choices and flexibility!   

With us, there's never any pressure and no obligation.

When you consider working with a Financial Planner or other Advisor, you should take many factors into account. Not only their education, experience and their reputation, but the way they are compensated as well. Are they motivated by your interests or by their earnings? Many stockbrokers or mutual funds salespeople may suggest shares of stock or a mutual fund based on various "strategies." However, all you'll have is a PIECE of PAPER that's a "PROMISE TO PAY." Ask yourself, "What happens if the company has serious financial problems and PART or ALL of my money disappears?"  It's YOUR money and it's YOUR future.  KEEP BOTH OF THEM AS SAFE AS POSSIBLE

Mortgage Acceleration and Retirement Funding

Retirement time should be harvest time!

One Of The BEST Ways To Make Your Money Grow Is By Accelerating Home And Other Mortgage Loans

Will your home be paid for BEFORE YOU RETIRE? Here are a few facts about 30-year fixed-rate mortgage loans. After making payments for 10 years, only about 15% of your principal will have been paid. At age 62, 80% of us will STILL be making payments. Most of these loans will be for a first mortgage. However, at age 55 nationwide, almost 20% of us also have a second mortgage that will run for an average of 15 more years.

If you pay your regular monthly payments for the entire thirty years, you will pay from two to three times what the home cost. Do the math. Multiply your present payment times 360 months. Is it any wonder then that for many Americans today, their choices seem to be "Can I afford to retire when I want to on less income and still make my payments?" Or "Should I simply postpone my retirement until I can?" Neither choice is a good one!  

It's very difficult to retire in comfort if you're making house payments, a commercial loan payment, or payments on investment property. Retirement funding and accelerating mortgages go "hand-in-hand." You should work on both at the same time. If you wait on either of them to concentrate on the other one, neither goal may be achieved. Accelerating the loan payments is a very important solution, but only 3% to 5% of all loans today are paid systematically, meaning 95% to 97% of us are simply paying far too much interest!  

Wouldn't it make sense to pay the loan off SOONER and put the money you SAVE into your own retirement plans? We provide a very EFFECTIVE biweekly payment plan that does NOT require refinancing. It's a simple and proven systematic method of making automatic payments every two weeks.  You gain one full payment (or more) every year, saving time and interest. And, you don't change lenders or pay ANY closing costs.  


We have three VERY informative short videos to explain how biweekly programs work. For details, just click here www.BWMA.com. When the first site comes up, go to the center of the page (just under the Apple) and click on "Biweekly Programs." That will bring up the new BWMA website. Then, click on Main Menu and then "How It Works." There is a wealth of information on the website! Any of the three videos will explain the biweekly program, but it isn't really necessary to watch all of them.  We suggest you watch the SECOND video carefully, called "How It Works." Call us with any questions. We'll provide a FREE illustration of your loan.   

One additional point: You can shorten the time by 15 years or even more by paying more into each debit. This will enable you to pay off your mortgage loan before you retire, depending on your age. How many years do you have from your present age until you plan to retire? We'll do a personalized computer illustration to show several very important options.  

Approximately 80% of home mortgage loans today are fixed-rate 30-year loans. They provide for lower monthly payments for you, but they'll also generate a great deal of extra interest over time for your lender! With our Preferred Biweekly Payment Plan, you can reduce your payment time to less than 15 years, and pay 60% less interest! Click the Green Tab below to get a FREE illustration on your home or other loan(s). How much could YOU save

Plus, when you enroll we include FREE lifetime annual mortgage audits to help you MAKE SURE your lender is applying the principal payments correctly (and on time) every month. If you live in the Casper, Wyoming area, DO NOT call the toll-free number on the BWMA website. Instead, call our office, or click the GREEN TAB below. We'll come to your home or office, explain the program, and help you SAVE on the largest expense most of us have.


Pay Your Home Off 5-10 Years BEFORE You Retire ...

Why 5 to 10 years before retirement? To give you time to put an amount equal to or greater than your monthly mortgage payment into your retirement savings for even more financial security. How many years are there from today until the day you plan to retire? Do the math. If you wait too long to begin, you won't make it ! Give us a call today. There's NO obligation. 


As effective and as important as these programs are, how could they be BETTER? Simply if they could be done at NO COST to you, right? The Biweekly Mortgage Association (or BWMA) who underwrites the programs, has been in business since 1984. We've worked with them for over ten years. In order to see as many SERIOUS Wyoming home buyers and real estate investors as we can, WE'LL PAY YOU $50 for everyone you refer to us who enrolls in a program. Refer us to ten people who enroll in a Preferred Biweekly Program, and your's is FREE!  

And, that's in ADDITION to the benefits shown on the BWMA website, such as free gift cards, etc.    

We Focus On Your Future In Several Ways ...

Warren Buffett (with a net worth of $82.9 billion dollars), gave some excellent advice regardless of what you invest in, when he said: "Don't ever LOSE what you ALREADY HAVE!" I word it this way ... ALWAYS KEEP YOUR MONEY SAFE!  Gold and silver have proven to be two of the most valuable and most stable investments available.  They're not only a great hedge against inflation, but they also provide liquidity and security against other investment losses. Make sense?

With us, you actually take physical possession of what you buy. All orders are shipped securely and promptly to you at your home or office, or to a secure Depository for safekeeping. We'll provide all the information and answer any questions you have. We believe in and we practice the utmost in honesty and integrity! We mention financial security, because that is our GOAL! 


In addition, Precious Metals can provide an exceptional opportunity as a profit source in the right situation, and for the right people. For example, if you're a serious insurance agent or Registered Investment Advisor, we would like to visit with you. Click on the GREEN BUTTON at the bottom of the page to find out how to start using our system. CALL US and LET'S TALK!

We Provide Quality Metals, Choices & Safety ...

From early 1962 thru March of 2017, I provided life insurance, annuities and small business pension plans in Wyoming. I've also provided Precious Metals for a little over ten years. Today, I represent The Bullion Advisor's Group. They provide the experience, the products and the service our clients need and deserve. You need to know TWO things about them.

First, they're NOT a "coin shop." If you are a coin collector, but not an investor, they're not for you. Second, you will be able to buy gold and silver coins and bullion on their website. Click on the link (below) to visit it. But, BEFORE you make a purchase, call us or drop us a line. Many people today want to "jump on the Internet, and cut out the MIDDLEMAN."


We have access to a number of sources of precious metals thru the Bullion Advisor's Group that help assure you of getting the best deal available every time! Whenever you're ready to make a purchase, LET US BID ON IT! We will get at least 3 to 5 quotes for you. As your Trusted Advisor, we'll help you get the best PRODUCTS at the best PRICES!  

There's also important information on IRA accounts, plus secure storage for precious metals, and more. For example, COMEX (the precious metals exchange reporting service) shows current prices on the four most popular metals. It's updated every minute, 24/7. If you're interested in them as an investment, or to offer to others, click on the button below.    

Finally, several well-known economists predict that with on-going stock market volatility, problems with the "petro-dollar" competition in China, etc., gold and silver could experience a 300% to 500% INCREASE in value by mid-2019. If that happens and stock market values FALL as precious metals values RISE, what may happen to YOUR financial security?   

THANKS for your TIME and for your trust and confidence!